Timeless Beauty
Drag & Check 360 View

Yunicorn is not merely a smartphone; it’s a rendering of the most powerful vitality and artistically expressive beauty.

  • Aluminium
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium
Designed to Age

Crafted using rigorous industrial processes, Yunicorn’s body is not just made using ordinary Aluminium, it’s a combination of Aluminium, Magnesium & Manganese, engineered to be more durable & resistant to aging than ever.

8.15mm Thickness
It’s That Slick

Reflecting holistic premiumness in every angle, Yunicorn is rewriting the rules of display in smartphones. The 2.5D glass screen stands out with its smooth curved edges and superior transparency, seamlessly integrated with the metal body for incredible ergonomics and style. And that too, in an 8.15mm frame. Talk about being slick!

5.5-inch Full HD Display
For Stunning Viewing Experience

Yunicorn’s 5.5” Full HD Display at 60FPS with MediaTek’s suite of MiraVision 2.0 display technologies will surely blow your mind away. So every picture, every game, every word, every tone and every memory looks more amazing than ever before. The 5.5” Full HD marvel has within itself an array of gorgeous and enhanced colours with better sunlight legibility and colour reproduction under full lamination.

  • NTSC- 91%
  • Brilliant Sunlight Legibility
  • Better Colour Reproduction
  • Contrast- 1000:1
images images

Experience unmatched picture quality in Yunicorn, thanks to MiraVision engines. The interface allows for interactive tuning with real-time quality feedback, making it easy for you to tailor the picture quality basis your need.

Full Lamination
For Better Display

Yunicorn boasts of its full lamination technology, that doesn’t just enhance colours, but also offers stunning brightness & contrast.

Yunicorn Design