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Sonic Boom!

Explore a new dimension of audio nirvana with dynamic volume leveling, automatic bass management and multiple filter types, all aimed at maximizing audio performance.


  • Dynamic volume leveling in separate frequency bands
  • Automatic bass management (crossover) configuration for bass drivers/subwoofers
  • Adaptive translation of low-frequency content (for frequencies which cannot be reproduced in some drivers) to higher harmonic locations for improved bass
  • Use of multiple types of filters for maximum performance & efficiency (FIR for mid-to-high frequencies and IIR for low frequencies)
  • Scalable and consistent tuning for various applications

Tri-MIC Technology

While recording a video or a song on your Yutopia, Tri-Mic technology allows High - Quality Stereo Recording while helping in Active Noise Cancelation.

Smart PA TFA9887

Boost your speakers with smart PA TFA9887 without compensating on the sound quality.


little bird

Little Bird in-ear headphones offer comfort, quality and performance. Mindfully manufactured plastic housing, a 9.2mm driver and noise-isolation design delivers a sophisticated, multi-textured sonic experience.

  • In-Ear Design
  • Noise-isolation