Guides and [How-To]

Seize Control

Backed by the largest open source Android developer community, Cyanogen OS 12.1 gives you an unparalleled control over your smartphone.


Customization is the very heart of the Cyanogen experience. More freedom and more choices - from the big picture down to the smallest details. Customize everything.

  • Find your own theme
  • Get new themes
  • Modify and tweak in the theme chooser
  • Theme individual apps
  • Lock screen shortcuts
  • Customize quick settings


Unleash the true potential of your camera with deep software controls.

  • Get Better Night Photos with Longer Exposures
  • Capture Slow-Motion Video
  • Integrated Gallery

Enhanced experiences

Your favourite apps, reimagined. Discover refreshing additions to vital things like audio, email and calling.

  • AudioFX
  • Spam call management
  • Sync with Boxer app
  • A truly smart screen
  • Cyanogen browser

Privacy & security

Enhanced security & privacy through various things:

  • Privacy Guard
  • PIN Scramble
  • Protected Apps
  • Blocked Caller List